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Heather Garcia wanted to know why I decided I started blogging. Well, it was kind of by accident. I started entering giveaways when Gracie was little. It gave me something to do while she was sleeping. Sometimes the blogs wanted you to promote their giveaway on your blog. I didn’t have one!

Well, I started a little blogspot one. Slowly, I started writing about our daily life. Our Church camp trips and all of our animals. After a little bit of time, businesses started contacted me about doing reviews and that made me happy. I loved doing the reviews.

I started doing my own giveaways on and off. After Gracie’s Dad passed away, I really went into blogging hot and heavy. I needed the extra money. Everytime you click on an ad or clip a coupon from the site, I earn a little bit of extra money. That helps us out. Until I married Michael, it helped with the bills (and it still does), now it really helps me with the “Just Because” giveaways.

Comments help us out too, it shows that you are reading our posts. I’m telling you all though, even if you didn’t comment, didn’t click on one ad or print one coupon- I still have the best readers. You guys are awesome!

That’s how I got into blogging. If you have any questions at all, just e-mail me at sonyasparks@gmail.com and I’ll add them to the list!

4 thoughts on “Why did you decide to start blogging? Reader Question From Heather Garcia

  • Enjoyed reading why you got into blogging! I think your hobby turned into mini biz is awesome. That is how I started to it went from something to do to a mini biz. ( hugs)

  • I enjoy reading the blog. I blog as well as it is nice to share things that help you in everyday life also the reader can get to know you on a more personal level

  • I really enjoyed reading this! I love reading personal stories from blogs that I follow, it’s cool to know how you started blogging!

    • Thank you Jessica. I’m glad that readers sent me these questions. I learned about this series from another blogger in our state group. I’m really enjoying it.


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