Nebula Whole Genome Tests ~ Have You Thought About Having One Done?


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Have you ever considered having a whole genome test done? I have the perfect site! Nebula whole genome testing is the only genetic test that decodes 100% of DNA.

Nebula, the best DNA test

It is a great choice for you if you would like to have DNA testing. They offer whole-genome sequencing. Nebula will fully unlock your genetic blueprint.

There are three Nebula whole-genome sequencing options to choose from: the basic plan ($99), deep plan ($299), and ultra-deep plan ($999).

The Basic Whole Genome Sequencing Plan

This is a good choice if you want to learn about your family history. It will also tell you if are genetically predisposed to common traits and conditions. You can actually save $50 on the basic plan with coupon code SAVE50 until 10-31. It decodes the most important parts of your DNA. 

The Deep Whole Genome Sequencing Plan

This plan gives deep ancestry reports Y chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA.  It decodes 100% of your DNA and generates over 100 gigabytes of DNA data.  This test is highly accurate in DNA sequencing.

The Ultra Deep Whole Genome Sequencing Plan

This is the most advanced DNA test on the market! It decodes your entire genome with ultra-high accuracy and gives you the most comprehensive, accurate reports. This plan also decodes 100% of your DNA but it does so with ultra-high accuracy.  It decodes 100% of DNA and generates 300 gigabytes of data. The Ultra Deep plan has an ultra-high accuracy level in DNA sequencing.

No matter what plan you decide on, you can not go wrong by choosing Nebula.  Their DNA tests differ from other company’s DNA tests because they offer COMPLETE DNA testing.  Nebula is privacy-focused. Your information and data are safe and secure.  It is not sold or given out as with other companies.

What Can You Expect

Now, you have chosen your plan. What can you expect next? You will receive your kit in the mail. Follow all directions that are enclosed within the kit.  Don’t forget to register your kit when you receive it.

  • Do not eat, drink or smoke for 30 minutes prior to using the kit
  • Don’t touch swab tips or allow contact with any other object
  • Do not collect a sample when you are sick (bacterial or viral infection in the oral cavity)
  • Use both swabs as described in the instructions sent
  • Swab very thoroughly since Whole Genome Sequencing requires a lot of DNA

You really do want to follow the instructions well.  Remember, Nebula offers whole genome testing and your sample will fail if you don’t collect enough DNA.  You’ll mail the sample back to the company and wait for the results. It takes about 8-10 weeks to get your results back.  

Now, don’t you think that Nebula offers the best DNA testing around?  I do!   Now, you just have to take the time to choose which plan you would like.  Don’t forget the basic plan has that great coupon code for $50 off  (SAVE50).

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Nebula Whole Genome Tests ~ Have You Thought About Having One Done?Nebula Whole Genome Tests ~ Have You Thought About Having One Done?Nebula Whole Genome Tests ~ Have You Thought About Having One Done?Nebula Whole Genome Tests ~ Have You Thought About Having One Done?

10 thoughts on “Nebula Whole Genome Tests ~ Have You Thought About Having One Done?

  • It would be nice to know this information. However I would have concerns of privacy issues with my information being out there.

    • Hey Thomas,
      Nebula never sells your information. I checked into that, for myself.

  • I’ve been looking at DNA testing but was never convinced to do it. Your article was excellent and am Seriously considering now to buy one. Thanks

    • Thank you, Dawn! It’s a great company from what I have learned about it.

  • I am so interested in trying one of these I think it would be fun to learn.

    • It would be ~ I’ve always been interested in this.

  • This is not something I would have any interest in at all! I don’t care but I know people who would love to do this

    • Oh, I understand Gloria. We all have our own interests, that is what makes us special 🙂

  • This would be great to do.

    • I think it is a great test, Shelly. I’ve had to re-do my test and am awaiting my results.


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