What Type Of Christmas Lights Do You Prefer?


Gracie and I always have a disagreement every year at Christmas time about Christmas lights. She’s a very colorful person. I’m a very neutral person. Usually I let her have her way on everything, but on the tree, we have to meet in the middle on Christmas lights and decorations.

Christmas tree

We have a very small tree. I have talked her into a smaller one each year. I have her down to the smallest one I think we do now. I let her decorate the tree as she wants to with all the ornaments. She uses mainly Barbie and Disney character ornaments. She hardly ever uses Christmas balls. I don’t say anything about where she places each ornament or which one she puts where. It’s her decision.

Before any of that occurs though, we have to put on Christmas lights. That’s where the argument comes in. She wants the multi-colored lights. I want plain white. I think they look better. I win out on the lights since I let her tell her she can have her way on the decorations. Compromise is great! I get my way and so does she. So what do you think, what type of color of rope lights do you prefer?

We don’t put our tree up until the weekend after my birthday and take it down as quickly as we can after Christmas. We have cats that think it is SO great to play with those beautiful ornaments that Gracie has put on. One even thinks that it is cool to climb in the tree. My house is a ZOO! A tree just doesn’t mean that much to me. If we are going to have one though, I do want it to have white lights!

Here is a blog with some awesome pictures of Christmas lights at Al’s Photography Blog and look at these on Down Time. We love to drive around and look at everyone’s Christmas lights each year.

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