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I know it’s March but back when I asked “What questions would you like for me to answer”, it was fairly close to the New Year. Sandra wanted to know what my plans were for the New Year.

Well, honestly, all my plans went out the window when my surgery on my shoulder didn’t go quite as expected and my blog server went down for a month. I had planned on getting caught up and STAYING caught up.

I really thought that I would just breeze through that shoulder surgery. That it wouldn’t take 6 months to a year like they explained to me. Normally it is 3 to 6 months but because of my arthritis, it would take up to a year. I thought, no, I’ll do much better. Well, it didn’t work out that way. If it hadn’t been for Michael and Gracie, most days I couldn’t have gotten dressed. I still have pain although I am out of physical therapy. They are still fixing my hair, lol.

My blog server went down for a month in January and I couldn’t post for almost that entire time. Most of the time, some of you could see it but I could not do anything to it. I ended up having to change servers. It as AWFUL. It made me really BEHIND.

Anyway, my plans for the new year are honestly to get caught up and stay that way. I want to find new sponsors and bring all of you more giveaways.

If any of you would like your questions answered be sure and send them to sonyasparks@gmail.com and I’ll put them in line to be answered.

4 thoughts on “What are my plans for the new year? Question from Sandra Watts-

  • I’m sorry you’re having a hard time recovering. It’s nice that you have help. That’s too bad about your server also. I enjoyed this question and answer post.

    • Brenda, look for a different one next week.

      I do have a great family and they are wonderful to me!

  • I am glad you are on the path of recovery. You never know how much you use a body part until you can’t use it. Thank goodness you had a support team. I am so sorry about site server but am glad you were able to find another. Best wishes on getting ahead and staying there. It certainly helps in reducing the stress.

    • Oh Grace, I never knew how much my shoulder meant to me girl. It’s getting better, slowly. Thank you for the good wishes. I’m certainly thankful that my readers (I consider them friends) stuck with me!


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