WaxVac Review And Giveaway


Does anyone in your household have trouble with their ears? Gracie and I do. One of us will have an ear infection at any given time. I was very glad we were given the opportunity to try out the WaxVax Ear Cleaner.

The WaxVac is a gentle ear cleaner offers a great way to clean and dry your ears. It’s safe for everyone. I think everyone can be accused of using q-tips, but DR’s warn against it. We are pushing the dirt and gunk further down the ear canal when we stick those q-tips in. When we use the WaxVac, it uses a gentle suction and draws that same dirt, gunk and moisture out.

I can really see this being super helpful during the summer when we are swimming. We could use this after we are thru and maybe cut down on the ear infections due to moisture from swimmer’s ear. Gracie tends to get a lot of ear infections in the summer time. I really hope this helps out. I love trying out new things and seeing if they help us out. In turn, sharing with you that they did. I’ll have to let you know in a follow up post in the summer if this did the trick or not this summer!


The WaxVac is not sold in stores and is only $10 for 2 units – Because they are buy one unit get one free right now, plus shipping and handling. You can buy it directly from their website.

How would you like a chance to win a WaxVac to try out for yourself? This is a rafflecopter giveaway so please give the form time to load. The giveaway is good only in the US.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

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