Have You Thought About Feeding Your Dog A Raw Diet? Check Out Trudog! #Rawgust


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You know, I’m new to the raw food diet for dogs. I really am. I’m researching it though. My first stop was Trudog. I found some of the best information on a this great diet for dogs. It’s a great time for me to be researching it too, it’s Rawgust, Raw food month.

TruDog’s Rawgo™ is easy to feed. It is a dehydrated raw meat using high quality, select cuts of real meat. When doing my research, I found several reasons I should be feeding a raw diet to my dogs. Dogs are direct descendants of the might Grey Wolf. Now, just like wolves in the wild, dogs need a diet of raw meat, organs, bone and blood to thrive.

Most commercial dog foods are full and grains and fillers. Even if your dog food is grain free it is most likely filled with peas and potatoes. Really, a dog’s system just isn’t designed to handle that many carbs.

So, how do you know if a raw dog food would benefit your dog?

Why Choose Trudog Rawgo during Rawgust? Does Your Dog have…

  • itchy skin?
  • a dull coat?
  • bad breath or plaque build up?
  • lack of energy?
  • loose stools?
  • tendancy to eat grass, sticks, etc?


My answer was YES, to more than one of these questions on a couple of my dogs. Sweetie and Walter have their fair share of itching, energy and bad breath problems. Louie and Izzy and troopers. What were your answers? Tell me, would a raw diet benefit your fur baby?

I’m really interested in learning so much more about a raw diet, namely, Trudog’s Rawgo. Right now, you can save 10% storewide with coupon code JULMAS10AP. Now, is the time to give Trudog a try!


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Have You Thought About Feeding Your Dog A Raw Diet? Check Out Trudog! #RawgustHave You Thought About Feeding Your Dog A Raw Diet? Check Out Trudog! #RawgustHave You Thought About Feeding Your Dog A Raw Diet? Check Out Trudog! #Rawgust

11 thoughts on “Have You Thought About Feeding Your Dog A Raw Diet? Check Out Trudog! #Rawgust

  • This sounds good for my Moms pup

    • I think Raw will be the way to go for some dogs like mine (and maybe your Moms) 🙂

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  • It sounds like a raw diet would be so beneficial for them! I have thought about it, but it seems so expensive and I wouldn’t know where to start. I’m so glad that someone actually came out with this, makes it so much easier to do! I will definitely be considering making the switch.

    • Hi Lauren,
      At first, I thought it was expensive too. As I looked to see what ailments it helped and what medications I could cut out – it became clear that it wouldn’t be expensive at all.

  • Sounds like great products for dogs. Doesn’t have all the processed stuff general food has.

    • I’m really considering this because of Walter and Sweetie. I’m “RESEARCHING”, lol 🙂

      • Sounds like a good idea to me honestly. Alot of pet food is not too good for them.

        • I know and I really have to be careful when it comes to Walter’s food. He’s a trouble maker, lol.


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