Things Are Changing At My House


Maybe it’s happening quicker, maybe I’m just noticing it more. I don’t know, but things are really changing at my house. My baby girl, that I used to hold in my arms and rock to sleep is growing into a teenager. I can tell this by the way she is fixing her hair and in the care she is taking in picking out her clothing.

I knew this time would come, I really was dreading it. I’m still not happy about it at all. I do know that it is something that all parents go through though. Last year at basketball games, Gracie didn’t dare sit by anyone else but me. I encouraged her to sit by her friends this year. Now, I can’t get the little turkey to come talk to me unless she’s asking for concession stand money. She’s very independent. I am proud for that. She’s a strong girl, much stronger than her Momma.

She takes a very long time to get ready in the morning. She takes great care in choosing her clothes for the day. She most likely will change at least once before FINALLY deciding that the outfit she has on, is the perfect one. She loves pink and purple. Most days you will find her in these colors. She’s always decked out in all types of jewelry. She likes bold jewelry and a lot of it. She has a very distinct sense of style and is not afraid to show it. I wish I had her self confidence.

It has always been a fight every morning to fix her hair. She has always hated to have her hair brushed. She won’t even let her Mimi brush it. She’ll let Mimi do whatever she wants, she LOVES her Mimi! That kid has the rattiest hair, or HAD the rattiest hair. After her last hair cut she has started fixing her own hair, willingly. She flat irons that hair until it looks just wonderful. Then she takes her hair, and rats it at the top to fluff it out just a little. She does it just like Mrs. Denise does at the beauty shop. She even has the same comb, because she stole it from me lol!

This is Gracie’s new hair do that has changed her way of thinking on hair brushing!

This was part of our conversation this morning:
Me- “Did you get your towels into the dirty clothes basket?”
Gracie-“No, I’ve got to straighten my hair!”
The towels were finally put into the dirty clothes basket, but the hair was done first. My life with Gracie has just begun!

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