The Sweetest Invention For Lunch- New Fasten And Go By @Rubbermaid



We are a family that takes our lunch to work and to school. Both Gracie and Michael take their lunch. I’m a stay at home Mom so I eat at home. When I did work, I always took my lunch. Taking your lunch, I think is much more nutritious than eating what the school provides or eating out of the machine at work.

Michael is really bad about just grabbing whatever I cooked the night before and taking a container of it. He is easy to please. He just wants his protein. He’s a carpenter and takes his breaks as he can.

Now, Gracie is a different story. She loves the new Rubbermaid Fasten And Go. I can include anything large in the bottom. Sometimes, she just wants a peanut butter sandwich along with a cheesestick inside it. In the medium size containers, I place fruits and veggies. One in each container. Sometimes, I put some ranch dip in one of the smaller containers. The other smaller container, I throw in a couple of fun size candy bars. She also takes a gatorade.


I have provided protein, fruits, veggies, dairy and even a treat. I subbed at school for 8 years and I’ll tell you the truth, that is much better than the school provides. Sometimes, they count ketchup as a veggie. It’s pitiful. I could tell you so much about school lunches, but I won’t. It’s not pretty. Gracie still has the same $20 in her account that I put in her cafeteria account in pre-school and this is at another school now. She changed to a school in town this year.

Rubbermaid Fasten And Go has been great for Gracie’s lunch this year. She loves how everything is divided. You know, nothing is touching, lol! Let me tell you, with the lids on Fasten and Go, there is no spillage. Her ranch dressing is SAFE. The carrying strap allows her to keep it all together and carry it with her safely. She can microwave anything she wants in it, if she decides she wants something besides a sandwich. Guess what, BONUS for me- it dishwasher safe!


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4 thoughts on “The Sweetest Invention For Lunch- New Fasten And Go By @Rubbermaid

  • That is a great assortment of containers so you can bring an assortment of things for lunch. Does it fit in a regular lunchbox?

    • Brenda
      If you’ll look at the first and third picture, it has a lid that fits over the containers and a little carrying strap, so you can just carry all of the containers together.

      It’s a GREAT lunch box!

  • Oh, I really like these containers! They would be great for my husbands work lunch.

    • Pam,
      They would be. I wish Michael would use a set. But as long as he has his meat, he’s happy. He doesn’t care about fruits or veggies. Unless it is potatoes, lol!


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