The Sparks Girls Are Frugalista’s


I first started using coupons when my oldest niece, Emilee, was born. That started my obsession with saving money. I’ve always been frugal, but it sort of became a game after she was born. I used coupons, I price matched, used sale ads and shopped online. I did whatever I had to do to get the best price. Gracie has never known anything besides this way of life. She thinks this is totally normal.

Gracie can be very frugal. Don’t get me wrong, if she’s spending MY money, she can spend it quickly and quite freely. If it is her own money, she is very good at managing it. She always wants to know if there is a coupon or where the best price is. If I were checking it out online for her, I would use a site like Price Grabber to make sure she was getting the best price on whatever it is she is looking for.

She keeps her money in envelopes or jars. She’s like these little old people back in the depression era, hiding it! She’ll find money all over the place that she has forgotten about. Sometimes she will find money that she put up a LONG time ago. To her that’s just extra money at the time.

You may not remember, but Gracie has a little business called Sparky’s Sparkles. She MAKES her own money. She has two flea market booths that she runs primarily by herself. I’m just the driver of the truck and the owner of the debit card. She decides what to put in the booth, how it is set up, she talks to the owners of the flea market – everything. Don’t get me wrong, I help her out, she CAN’T do it all, but she tells me what to do, she DOES make the majority of the decisions. She is a very smart business person and she is only 11!

This Is Gracie’s Facebook Cover For Sparky’s Sparkles

She inherited this from her Daddy. She started working this way with him before he passed away. She wanted to continue to do it after he died, but I wanted to close the booths. She convinced me to keep them open. I’m just raising a little business guru and frugalista. I’m one blessed Momma!

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