The Fastest Ways to Get a Loan With Bad Credit


Getting a loan with bad credit can be a challenge. One of the major factors that lenders consider when they are deciding whether to allow you to borrow money or not is whether you are a good credit risk. Your credit score is determinative of this, and lenders may turn you down or make you go through many additional qualifying requirements if your credit score is bad.

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Despite the fact that it can be more difficult to borrow money with bad credit, there are many situations where taking a loan is absolutely essential.  Fortunately, even for people with bad credit, there are some solutions.  The available methods of getting a fast loan with bad credit will vary depending upon the specifics of your situation and the resources that you have available to you.

Quick and Easy Ways to Get a Loan With Bad Credit

Some of the potential options that you may have available to you in order to obtain a loan with bad credit include the following:

  • Take a title loan. A title loan allows you to tap into the equity that you have in your motor vehicle. If you do not have a car loan and you own the vehicle that you drive, then you should be able to take a title loan from a provider like  When you take a title loan, you can get access to money almost immediately, so you can take care of your pressing financial needs. You are able to keep driving the vehicle as you pay back the money that you borrowed using the title loan.  Your credit is not considered as a factor when you borrow money using this method, so you don’t have to worry about getting turned down just because your credit score is not a perfect score.
  • Take a payday loan. If you have a job and you have a regular income, then a payday loan may provide you with an option for obtaining a loan even if you do not have good credit. Like a car title loan, a payday loan makes it possible for you to get almost immediate access to cash regardless of what your credit score is provided you meet the qualifying criteria for obtaining a payday loan.
  • Take a cash advance on an existing credit card that you have. If you have a credit card, then it may be possible for you to obtain a cash advance on that card in case you need actual cash money to pay bills or buy something from a person or merchant that does not accept a credit card. Cash advances are generally going to have a much higher interest rate than the interest rate when you charge things in your credit card, but they can provide you with a fast source of cash. Depending upon your credit card company’s policies and the available means of accessing the money when you take a cash advance, obtaining the cash could take a few days or even a week or two.  This method is typically only going to be available as a fast option for people with bad credit in situations where you already have a credit card with money available to take a cash advance. If you need to apply for a card and don’t already have one, your bad credit could prevent you from being approved or could result in you getting a very low credit limit that does not give you enough money to actually take a cash advance that you need.
  • Consider a local credit union: Sometimes, credit unions are more willing to provide you with a loan despite bad credit, especially if you already have a relationship with the credit union or if the negatives that are driving down your credit score happened a long time ago.  This option tends to take a little bit longer than most of the other methods of getting a loan that are on this list, but it can be a solution in situations where the other options are not available to you.

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Each of these are different possible solutions for you if your credit is not good. Be sure to carefully consider all of your options and make the most informed choice about what is right for you. 

Jeremy Harris is a financial counselor who specializes in working with young people who are looking to build a brighter financial future. He’s currently working on a new eBook. 

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