Superior Nut Store Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake Review!


Whenever we review something, if we get to choose what it is, I get something that Gracie and I both enjoy. I just can’t get something that Gracie doesn’t like and I sure don’t want to get something that I don’t care for! Well, we both LOVE chocolate chips. So, when Superior Nut Store contacted me about doing a review, I called Gracie over to the computer and we chose the Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake.

Superior Nut Store

We came home on one of the hottest days of the year and found the coffee cake on our doorstep. I was so afraid that the chocolate chips had melted. Either the cake hadn’t been there that long or we were just lucky because they were not melted at all. The cake was so moist and had just enough chocolate chips to make it oh so yummy! Gracie was spending the night with her Mimi that night so she took the cake over to her house. Gracie came home with half a cake. I’d have to say, it went over well!

Gracie liked how chocolatey it was and how moist it was. She said it tasted SO good. With her sharing it with her Mimi, that was a good thing too. She wouldn’t have shared it if she didn’t like it. That’s an A+ for Gracie.

Superior Nut Store has so much more than coffee cakes. They have just about any kind of nut you could want. They also have dried fruit. I would have loved to have tried that but Gracie doesn’t care for dried fruit, she likes regular fruit. They also have all kinds of baskets to choose from. They would make awesome Christmas presents. Give Superior Nut Store a try if you are in the need of one of these for yourself or someone else!

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