Spread the Love with Low Cost Valentine’s Day Ideas



For couples old or young, new to dating or long into wedded bliss, a Valentines Day well spent is a great way to show you care about the other person. Putting on the Ritz for your loved one is a way to show you care, but it is possible to have a great holiday together—and show you care about your significant other—on a tight budget. Whether you have limited funds or are just looking to save money, follow these tips below to have a great Valentine’s Day for less.


Find Free Activities


It’s easy to think big for a Valentine’s date, but consider scaling back some to create an even nicer evening for your loved one. Instead of an expensive movie, a five course meal at an exquisite restaurant, or another costly option, why not stay at home? Try renting a great movie or streaming one online, making a great meal at home, or investing in some candles and wine to have a romantic evening at home. Food you make at home, either on your own or with your significant other, will cost much less than something at any restaurant, let alone an expensive, “romantic” one. The home-based entertainment will cost much less, too. An added bonus to staying home is that the evening is quite and just focused on the couple.


Make Cards or Gifts


Rather than buying a card at the store, why not make your own? Invest in some cardboard, glue, some colorful markers and create a one-of-a-kind card that your loved one will cherish. If making your own card is easy and rewarding for you, try making a gift as well. If you can sew, or know someone who can, make a nice sweater, trousers, socks, or another clothing item. If you are good with carpentry, make a new shelf or bookcase that your significant other would love. Find out what your partner is looking for, buy the supplies to create the item, and make it yourself or ask someone experienced to help. A homemade card or gift would not only save money, but would also show that you really care about the other person with your thoughts and time.


Shop Off-Season for Gifts


If you do want to get store bought gifts to give, there are still ways to save money. For example, that large pink bear and chocolates that you want to get for your girlfriend might look a little expensive the day before Valentine’s Day, but what if you were to get those items long before your date instead? Chances are, the earlier you shop for your gifts, the cheaper they will be.


It might be difficult to get the “love-themed” items long before the day, but you might be able to find them online at any time of the year, for much less. Chocolate, in particular, might even be procured right after the winter holidays when it goes on sale and saved until February. If you are really committed, wait until after this Valentine’s Day when those items go on sale to get gifts for next year. 


Do Something with or for the Other Person


One of the best ways to show you care about the other person is to simply do something nice for him or her. Wash his car, do her dishes, clean her house, wash a load of clothes, or do anything else that would be nice for that person. These a great way to give a practical, often free gift to the other person that he or she will really appreciate. A final way to give a great inexpensive gift is to do an inexpensive activity together. Go to the park, go hiking or camping, fly a kite, play a board game, or do any other activity that can be shared. Whatever you do on Valentine’s Day, make sure to get creative; often times creative ideas cost the least and leave the biggest impact.

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