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Gracie and I were given the chance to try out Sneakerskinz, available from on Wednesday. It came at a good time because Gracie has been sick and I like to keep things around that she can do with her hands.

Their Sneakerskins look so much better than ours, but we aren’t pros (yet lol)

Sneakerskinz were really easy to work with. Now, Gracie couldn’t do this alone though. I couldn’t find an age range on the package. It was hard for her to manipulate thru all the steps though. She is 11, it may be different for your kiddo or for you. All we really had to do was cut the designs in any shape that she wanted. Then we rubbed the cutout with a slightly damp rag (kind of like you would a temporary tattoo, Gracie said). Then we pulled the paper backing off the shoe. The design is left on the shoe. So neat!

If you happen to mess up or you want to take the design off for whatever reason (and we did mess up) you just rub the design with alcohol and it comes right off. We tested that and it really works.

You can buy Sneakerskinz at and they are only $9.95 for 3 different designer Sneakerskinz sheets. Depending on how you cut these, I think you could do 2 pairs of shoes. I think that is a great deal! You know how I love a deal!

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Thank you for offering 2 of Sonya’s Happenings… readers a package of sneakerskinz to try out themselves. This is a rafflecopter giveaway so please give it time to load. This giveaway is open to the US and CA.

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