School Starts In A Month


We will start school in a month. I’m really conflicted on this! I’m really enjoying spending the extra time with Gracie. A regular schedule is always good for us though.

girl with book

I love spending the whole day with Gracie just doing what ever we want to do. Whether it be watch TV, walk or go to the library. Even though I said that a regular schedule is good for us, I like not being rushed. Whether it is from homework or ballgames we are busy. When school is in session, we are constantly running around. Weekends are just too short. We have birthday parties, ballgames, the flea market and Church, we’re just busy! I guess I’m just a weenie, I’m old and I’m an over-protective Momma.

I’m also ready for the school year to begin. The regular schedule is good for us. We eat and sleep at regular times. Gracie is around her friends from Marmaduke, I know she misses them all summer. I’m a substitute at Gracie’s school so that brings in extra pay for the household. That’s a BIG reason I’m ready for the school year to begin. All of these are important reasons for school to start.

So, basically, I need to enjoy this last month off from school. Pretty soon the alarm will be going off and we will be in a mad run to Marmaduke and to a 6th grade classroom. This will be Gracie’s last year in Elementary, I need to enjoy every minute I can of it.

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