Say It Again Sunday- Life With Gracie- First Published July 10th, 2012


It’s time for Say It Again Sunday again! This post was first published on July 10th, 2012. I remember that day so clearly, we had so much fun volunteering that day!

Gracie volunteered today at the 2012 SR Special Olympics. It was a wonderful day spent giving of her time to some of the most terrific people around.

These SR’s really take their Special Olympics seriously. They are quite competitive. I witnessed several of the men comparing ribbons and counting them off to see who had the most. Those wheelchair races were fierce! You better be on your game if you’re going to compete against this crew 🙂

My favorite event was the dancing competitions. Some of the SR’s still had it in them to get down and boogie and they made sure to get the nursing home employee’s out there to cut loose too. It was a fun time for all and I’m so glad that I didn’t miss out on it.

Gracie has such a knack with special needs people, whether it be the elderly or her own age at school. Not many people can say that. Gracie has a truly kind and caring heart. She has a loving and giving attitude. If we as a country could get a tiny grasp on what she has and show this Godly love to each and everyone, this world would be so much better.

As a side note- Gracie was given a delicious looking cupcake for helping out today. Check this out:

Little turkey didn’t even give me a bite. All well!

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