Say It Again Sunday- Top Ten Hints You Might Be Living With A ‘Tween Girl


It’s time again for Say It Again Sunday! The Top Ten Hints You Might Be Living With A ‘Tween Girl was first published January 5, 2013. I could come up with many more “hints” for this list, but you will get the gist by reading it. Life with Gracie is never boring or slow but I wouldn’t give it up for anything! Now on to the top ten hints!


Top ten hints you might be living with a ‘tween girl-

  1. It takes them over an hour to decide what to where to school the next day
  2. They change their mind the next morning and switch outfits
  3. Their closet is mostly pink and purple
  4. They have as many (or more) hair appliances than you do
  5. It takes them longer to get ready in the morning than you do (and they don’t wear make-up)
  6. They wear more jewelry than you do
  7. They have more shoes than you do
  8. They want to borrow what shoes you DO have
  9. They keep asking “when will I be old enough to…”
  10. They have more purses than you have

Basically, I think our kiddo’s are just lucky guys! I couldn’t make it without my – Life with Gracie- I love it!

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