Say It Again Sunday- The Power Of A Gracie Hug!


It’s time again for Say It Again Sunday, The Power Of A Gracie Hug! first appeared 4-29-12. Gracie hugs are wonderful and are a blessing to anyone who receives one!


You’ve probably not been lucky enough to have received a hug from my Gracie. Let me tell you that are missing out on an amazing gift. We call them power hugs.

She can look at me and say do you need a power hug, wrap those little arms around me and squeeze and I’m filled with the most amazing love. And they do energize me and give me the power to go on thru the rest of the day. Better than a Mountain Dew (did I just say that- surely not)

Gracie hugs are the best- I just got one from her! {shameless brag}

I love my baby girl 😉

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