Say It Again Sunday- Mom’s How Do YOU Do It?


It’s time again for Say It Again Sunday, Mom’s How Do YOU Do It? was first published on 1-29-13. Gracie is still working on being consistent on keeping are own areas clean. It’s on ongoing process- for both of us. Read on for the original post-


I’ve been trying to work with Gracie on keeping her room clean for quite some time. It’s not clicking. I am by NO means the best homemaker, my house is the most lived in house on the block lol! As I’ve said before, we live in a zoo, so if I don’t vacuum morning AND night the dog hair in my floor could coat a new dog. Don always took care of this when he was alive, I don’t know HOW he did it, but it takes me doing it morning and night. If I get called in to sub, there goes the whole shabang. So, I can’t fault the kid for being a bad little homemaker, I’m just trying to teach her the right ways. I trying to learn the correct ways myself by following Flylady.

I leave her a note before we go to school on what part of her room I expect her to work on when we get home. Her room is not huge, we live in a little home. Please don’t think I’m working the poor little ‘tween to death. The note might say “dresser” or “bed”. Just simple little chores that might take less than 15 minutes.

I left a note that said “floor” just a couple days ago. Her bed was still clean from a note that I left previously. She picked up everything off her floor and put it on her clean bed. So now her floor is clean, but her bed is filthy. I threw a little Momma fit. Now she has to clean her whole room and if it’s not clean tonight, I’m going to clean it tomorrow with garbage bags. I told her I’m throwing her stuff away. My brilliant Mother in law suggested that I put it in a tote and sell it back to her. She is very money conscience and that would kill her. So Martha’s idea might really work out better than mine.

She’s a very good girl other than keeping her room clean. She helps around the house, she does anything else I ask her to do. She’s very respectful, she loves the Lord, she helps with the special needs kids at school. She works VERY hard to earn her own money at the flea market and a great money sense. I can’t complain in any other way.

How do you get your kids to keep their room clean, I’ve just about run out of ideas. I thought the little job per day would work because it wouldn’t be too overwhelming, but if she’s just shifting the items around, it’s not doing any good. I’m not good at this single Mom stuff. I’ve got to get tougher. Any suggestions Moms?

My Life with Gracie is never boring!

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