Say It Again Sunday- Life With Gracie – First Published July 7, 2012


I thought I would start something new here at Sonya’s Happenings… and I wanted to bring out some of my older posts. This first one was first published July 7, 2012. I hope you enjoy this new feature!

Life with Gracie Sparks is never dull. It’s never at a stand still. Life with Gracie Sparks is change after change after change.

I gave birth to a sweet little baby girl. She never wanted me to brush her hair, always wanted to do it herself. She always preferred to have it in a ponytail. It was always that way.

She turned 11 in June and about the same time my nieces came home. My nieces are 13 and 12 and they already fix their hair (and wear make up). Gracie started doing her hair in June. I’m not just talking about messing around it. I mean, she’s really brushing it! She’s still not letting me brush it, that would just be wrong (and make me happy).

This little ‘tween girl is using MY straightener, not hers. Her excuse is- “Yours is better”. I have to get it out of her room to fix my own hair. I know this is just a sign of the days to come. I’m sure what little make up I wear will soon be stolen. My perfume will be “lost”. Will I have to have a back up to all of my appliances and goodies?

Now don’t get me wrong, you’re not going to always see her with her hair fixed because Life with Gracie is never the same. She’s not going to fix it and make me happy everyday. You know it’s much easier to slap it up into a ponytail and let it go. So, most days, you will see my regular little girl Gracie. But watch out world, you might just catch her on day when she’s all dolled up in her new Justice clothes and hair straightened to the max!

Life with Gracie has never been boring and I’m sure that I better get ready for a long bumpy ride because it’s just now starting 🙂

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