Say It Again Sunday- Gracie Spent The Night With A Friend


It’s time again for Say it again Sunday. Gracie Spent The Night With A Friend was first published on 5-11-13. Gracie still isn’t big on spending the night off. Which I’m still VERY proud of. My niece is HOPEFULLY going to spend the night with us this week which will make Gracie very happy.


Gracie spent the night with a friend last night and won’t be home until sometime tonight. She didn’t choose a friend in the same school, she’s spending the night with one of her very good friends that moved several hours away. You see, it’s Anna’s birthday and Gracie wants to celebrate with her. I’m really a NERVOUS Mom this weekend.

Gracie Sparks!

She has a hard time staying away from home, unless it’s at Martha’s house, her Mimi’s. While she’s there, I know she’s right down the road and can be home in just a matter of a few minutes. She usually doesn’t come home though, I can probably count on one hand the number of times she has come home.

She called me as soon as she crawled into the van to go to Anna’s house. I know it was directly after school, but I was so happy to hear her voice. She was supposed to call me again before she went to bed. I waited and waited. I didn’t want to show how nervous I was by calling her, so I waited longer. I fell asleep. Gracie called me at 10:30. She was having so much fun, that she forgot to call me. She said “I know you go to bed early, I’m sorry!” I told her, that I was just so happy to hear from her. I did tell her that it was to late to call her Mimi though. Martha could possibly still be up, but I’d hate for Gracie to wake her up.

I know I need to get over my nervousness about Gracie going over to friends houses. Anna’s parents are very good people and would not let anything happen to Gracie. It’s just that she is not here with ME. I’ve figured out that it’s my problem, not any problem with Gracie. I’m having trouble letting go of Gracie little bits at a time.

Do not get me wrong at all, I do believe it is a parents job to protect their children. I believe we need to know who their friends are and who the parents of their friends are. I also believe that our children need a little bit of fun and that is what Gracie off having today- FUN.

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