Say It Again Sunday- First Impressions- What do you see first?


It’s time again for Say It Again Sunday. First Impressions- What do you see first? was first published 6-27-11. What do you notice first when you meet someone?


The first thing I notice about a person is their eyes. I know most people say their smile. But I notice eyes. People can fake a smile. You can put a smile on your face any old time. When you are in pain and when you really don’t want to be in the situation.

Eyes never lie. You can smile with your eyes. If a person is smiling and their eyes are lit up and turned up – they are truly smiling at you. Eyes can tell you when the person is tired. Those dark circles tell you when your friend didn’t get enough sleep. Their red eyes let you know they have been crying. Blank eyes will let you know they aren’t listening at all

If they aren’t making eye contact with you and they usually do, somethings up. If you’ve just met, maybe they are shy.

Eyes will tell you a lot about a person and they are the first thing I look at when I meet someone and I try really hard to keep eye contact even though I am extremely shy myself.

What do you notice first about people, not just people you just met, but also friends?

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