Sanford Sharpie Review #shopletreviews


I’ve mentioned on my blog that I’m an office supply geek.  I bet you didn’t know that Gracie was too.  She loves office supplies, especially Sharpie’s!

We were recently sent 3 different sets of Sharpies to try out. This was right up our alley! We use Sharpies on everything. We use them on water bottles, cups, we use them to write with. Gracie uses them to draw with, I’m not one to draw though. I use them on papers that I’m writing though. I also use them on clothes. I always have Sharpies around.

One of the packages we were sent was the Sharpie Premium Pen. This is an excellent alternative to the wide pen I’ve been using while marking my clothes. I know it sounds odd to mark your clothes, but Gracie and I wear the same size clothes. We also wear a lot of the same exact pieces of clothing. I don’t want to wear her clothes, I’m very careful not to stain mine. So, I mark mine with an M on the tag. This pen is perfect for this job!

premium pen

One of the sets of Sharpies were the Neon Permanent Markers. This was Gracie’s favorite, you might have guessed that. She loved the colors! She used them to color for quite awhile after we received them. They quickly disappeared to school, probably never to be seen again by me. She even used them to color these awesome sunglasses!

These white sunglasses were decorated entirely with Sharpies by Gracie
These white sunglasses were decorated entirely with Sharpies by Gracie

Neon Sharpie

The last package we received was the Metallic Permanent Marker. I have already been using these to mark my water bottles. We re-use our water bottles after we drink after them. Then we put our initials on the lid so we know who the water bottle belongs to. I’m very frugal you know! The metallic shows up wonderfully on the lids.

metallic fine point

I’d like to thank for sending me these item to try out. If you are looking for promotional products, promotional shirts or office stationary, please check them out.

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