Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Review


I was given the chance to review Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispensers by Gojo. I jumped at the chance, who wouldn’t right here in midst of flu season! I keep Purell by the kitchen door so that it is handy and can be used as soon as I walk in the door. I remember once, I handed the Purell out of the door when Martha brought Popsicles over telling her “you don’t want what we have.” She just laughed, but I meant it.

The first dispenser I received was the portable hand sanitizer jelly wrap. These are the best things since sliced bread. You can hang these right on your purse, your belt loop, whatever you want to hang it on. Then you just pop the top and squeeze the Purell out. You can buy refills for the jelly wrap when you empty it out. I love these- they are so handy! They are especially great for school. I’m a biggie on Gracie using her hand sanitizer at school. Germs are all over the place there. She keeps hers on her backpack and sometimes on her belt loop.

I was also sent the Purell ADX-7 Dispenser. These are great to hang in tight places, it’ll work great right by kitchen door. You place a Purell Non-Aerosol Instant Hand Foam inside of it. This will free up space on my kitchen counter area now. I’m very pleased with this too. You just walk up to it, press the dispenser and the right amount of Purell is put right into your hands. The dispenser has a window that shows you how much sanitizer you have left. That way you know when you need to be ready to replace it.

I’m very happy with the Purell products that Shoplet sent me to review. I appreciate the chance to try out new products anytime, especially useful items such as Purell.

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