Pre-Order Now: Reebok All-Terrain Sprint for Men and Women


Pre-Order Now: Reebok All-Terrain Sprint for Men and Women
Mud season is almost upon us. Not only a welcome sign of spring, mud heralds another year of the Spartan Races. Reebok just released for pre-order their All-Terrain Sprint for men and women, running shoes designed specifically for obstacle racing. Eye-catching, quick-drying, and ultra durable, the All-Terrain Sprint running shoe is the ideal combination of streamlined construction and high-octane functionality—perfect for fast-paced off-road obstacle races.

The All-Terrain Sprint are equipped with special drainage ports to release water weight after trudging through swampy holes, an underfoot rock guard designed to protect your feet against sharp/hard objects and mid-foot teeth that help you grip everything from ropes, to tires to walls… even coated with mud. Reebok’s All-Terrain Sprint are built incredibly strong and ready to tackle anything… just like you. Orders ship by March 14th, so you can have them as the mud thaws.

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