Grinch Oreo Cookie Balls ~ SO Very Easy!


I’m continuing with my Grinch food series today. I’m really having fun with it. Without a doubt, all of my Grinch food items are very simple, really.

Today, I have Grinch Oreo cake balls (YUM). In my opinion, they are extremely easy. And you know me, I’m all about easy!

Cookie Balls

Grinch Oreo cookie balls are a popular and easy-to-make dessert. Additionally, they are perfect for parties or as an after-dinner treat. Are you planning a Grinch party this year? This will be the perfect go-to treat!

This recipe is so popular because it tastes great. The ingredients are easy to find. It’s inexpensive to make, and it can be made in advance.

Grinch Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe

Oreo Cookie Balls

Yield: Approx. 48 Oreo Balls

Grinch Oreo Cookie Balls

Cookie Balls

Grinch-themed Oreo cookie balls are a fun spin-off on the basic Oreo cookie balls.

Oreo Cookie Balls are popular because they taste great, the ingredients are easy to find, it's inexpensive to make, and they can be made in advance.

Prep Time 30 minutes
Additional Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 45 minutes


  • 1 - 15.35 oz package OREO cookies
  • 8 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 12 oz light green candy melts
  • 48 red heart sprinkles


    1. Crush the OREO cookies using a food processor, or by placing them into a gallon size bag and crushing them with a rolling pin.
    2. Add crushed cookies and cream cheese to a large bowl or bowl of a stand mixer, and beat until well blended.
    3. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
    4. Roll cookie mixture into 1 inch balls.
    5. Freeze for one hour.
    6. Pour candy into a microwave-safe bowl and heat for 30 seconds, then remove and stir well. Repeat the heating and stirring process until the candy is completely melted.
    7. Remove cookie balls from the freezer, and dip them into the candy, coating the entire ball. Place the candy-coated cookie ball on the parchment paper.
    8. Place a heart sprinkle on top of the candy-coated ball.
    9. Once you have coated all of the cookie balls with candy and placed sprinkles on them, refrigerate for 1 hour to allow the candy coating to set.


So... will you be taking these to a party or will you be enjoying these around the TV watching The Grinch? Whatever you decide, know that these Grinch Oreo Cookie Balls will be picked first to munch on!

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Finally, here are the process pictures for the Grinch Oreo Cookie Balls.

Grinch Oreo Cake Balls

Please let me know if you’d rather me start posting them along with the directions. Before, I posted the pictures within the recipe, but then all of the photos would print. It cluttered the printed recipe, I believe. Now, it can always be changed back if you all ask. I’m easy, just like my recipes.

I hope that you are enjoying all of these Grinch recipes. I’m having a BLAST with them. Above all, they are easy and they taste GOOD. I’m making one of the Grinch cherry frappuccinos almost every day.

Undoubtedly, if you take these to a party or get-together, these will be a hit! Don’t forget about my simple creamy oreo cookie dip. It will be the hit of a party too.

Cake balls

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Grinch Oreo Cookie Balls ~ SO Very Easy!Grinch Oreo Cookie Balls ~ SO Very Easy!Grinch Oreo Cookie Balls ~ SO Very Easy!Grinch Oreo Cookie Balls ~ SO Very Easy!

17 thoughts on “Grinch Oreo Cookie Balls ~ SO Very Easy!

  • This sounds like such a yummy combo and so different thanks for sharing.

    • You are more than welcome. I hope you enjoy.

  • This is another tasty treat that I will me try this year! God willing I will NOT have covid like last Christmas.

    • I dearly hope you don’t have COVID this year. We just got over the flue at our house. It’s not pretty 🙂

  • These are adorable! We are big Grinch fans and the kiddos would love these. I do not see my comment posting so am submitting again.

  • These are adorable! We are big Grinch fans and the kiddos would love these.

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  • I love these Grinch themed treats. And these Grinch Oreo Cookie Balls Look and sound really good! And they are easy!

    • They are easy-to-make treats, really. I think I’m so stuck on the Grinch right now because it proves that even the “Grinchiest” people end up having a huge heart. {I’m a dreamer, lol}

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  • I have always wanted to make these – I like the Grinch tie in – so great for Christmas!

    Mishelle G

    • I’m on “Grinch Mode”… I have a few more Grinch recipes to post. I should have a Grinch cupcake post up later today or early tomorrow.

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  • My grandkids would love thse.

    • I bet they would Shelly. They are fun looking and you can sit and munch on these for a bit while you are watching The Grinch 🙂


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