Oh, he was so mad! Where was Rotorooter?


This happened years and years ago when I was first married. I’m not claiming to be a better cook now, but I have learned a few things. I haven’t learned a lot, but we don’t starve. We don’t have to call anyone from similar to http://www.rotorooter.com as often either lol!

I made roast for supper. I wanted to put my roast in a crock pot. I used a lot of carrots and potatoes. I Love carrots and potatoes. They are so yummy. Don was a meat and potatoes man. At least with a roast, I was able to get the all the veggies I wanted. I’m a veggies girl, myself!

Well, being a new cook, I put ALL of my potato skins down my garbage disposal. All of sudden, things started backing up and things were coming out of that garbage disposal I have never seen before. I had to call Don at work, he worked at a place where he was able to swing by the house and check it out. Oh, he was so mad.

He went into this spill about “don’t you know that you never put potato skins down the disposal.” He also wanted to know how many I put down the disposal. I put A LOT! There was no way he would get the disposal cleared himself. We had to call a plumber.

He didn’t miss a chance to explain to the plumber and honestly any family member that would listen than I piled the disposal full of potato skins. Well, I never had a disposal before. I’m from the country. The farm animals at our potato skins and any other left overs. How in the world was I supposed to know.

It’s funny now, but it sure wasn’t funny then. We were eventually able to laugh about it. Every time I made a roast from then on though, he automatically wanted to know what I did with the potato peels. I just laughed and told him they were in the trash.

Gracie and I love roast but with Don gone, it’s hard to make roast because it just makes too much. We don’t have it as much now. You can bet that I won’t be putting my potato peels down the disposal anymore though. I learned my lesson!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own

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