My local plumber is the best!


Although this is a sponsored post, all points of view are my own.

I bet by the number of plumbing posts that I have you think that we constantly are calling a plumber. Well, we don’t. Calling a plumber is handy though and knowing a local plumber is a blessing! I began thinking to to a time just after Don passed away to the first time I had to call my local plumber. Plumbing Los Angeles might be the right plumber for you to call.

It was a Sunday morning and I hopped into the shower and it never warmed up. A cold shower is never any fun. When it’s time to wake Gracie up, I ask her if her water was cold the night before. She said it was but she thought it was because she had let her water run too long before she got into the shower. I explained to her that she always needs to tell me when the water is cold so that I will know.

I didn’t know what to do. My mind was racing, I knew I needed to get to Church, but I need that water heater fixed too. I didn’t want to take anymore cold showers than I really had to. When Don was alive, he would have taken care of this himself, he never needed a plumber for the water heater. I’m learning to do all the things that Don normally took care of himself. Let me tell you, I don’t enjoy it. I really hate it. I prefer my old position of taking care of Gracie and paying the bills. Don took care of household problems, he worked, he was the provider and the decision maker. Now these positions ALL fall on me. I was kind of frantic.

While I was getting ready for Church and doing my hair, I remember that my beautician’s husband was a plumber. I had her cell number plugged into my phone, what lady doesn’t keep her hair dresser’s number handy! I quickly sent her a text and almost immediately heard back from her. She said her husband would call me right back. Well, he did and what a blessing. He didn’t come out that Sunday but he came first thing on Monday. His voice calmed me down though and I knew that I would be taken care of.

Do you want to know what was wrong with the water heater? It needed the little red button pushed on it to be reset. He didn’t make me feel like a dumb female (like I felt). It’s all a learning process, I learn something new everyday. I’m so glad that I use a local plumber. I’m very lucky to have one that will come on over when I need him. That’s not the last time he’s come over and he’ll probably be called back in the near future.

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