My Daughter And Her Giving Character


Gracie is a very generous little girl. She always has been. Her heart is very bent towards giving. She likes to donate anything from money to giving presents and flowers.

Her thoughtfulness was apparent even as a toddler. She gave her new toys she had just received, to a little girl who had lost her home in fire. She did it without even thinking about losing out on the toys herself. She just thought about the little girl who lost ALL of her toys.

She loves animals and I have spoken before about how she will drag home any stray animal and keep it. She was still in preschool when a Humane Society commercial came on tv. She watched that commercial over and over until she had the complete phone number so we could call and donate money to them. She told her Mimi (Martha) about the commercial, about the poor little dog that had just one eye. Mimi laughed, not about the dog, not at all. She laughed because Gracie watched the commercial that many times. Gracie thought she laughed because of the dog, that upset her. Gracie said “That’s not funny Mimi, a dog with one eye is not funny.” Mimi agreed with Gracie on that.

Speaking of Mimi and Gracie, She knew that Papa (Woody) would always grow roses and pick them for Mimi. He knew that Mimi LOVED pretty flowers. Well, after Papa passed away, Gracie told me that Mimi didn’t have anyone to pick her flowers anymore. I can’t don’t grow flowers. So whenever Gracie feels like it, she buys Mimi flowers. Gracie says it will cheer her up. Sometimes she will choose roses, sometimes she will just choose red flowers. She does it for Mimi, but in memory of Papa.

I’m not sure of how that makes Mimi feel but it would make me feel so wonderful. To have a child or a friend to send me something just to cheer me up would make my day! I think it would make my whole week really. Sometimes a girlfriend just needs a pick-me up gift!

Gracie, if you are reading this, I don’t have to have flowers. I could use cupcakes or a new notebook for a journal. Wait, I could use both and eat the cupcakes while I journal! Interflora presents for girlfriends would be the perfect place to begin your search- hint, hint. I love you Gracie Sparks and your very charitable heart.

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