Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle Review- #MrCleanMorePower


This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Mr. Clean- I was sent samples of Mr. Clean to facilitate this post, all opinions are 100% my own.

I have used Mr. Clean products for years. I was recently sent Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle Febreeze Meadows & Rain Scent to review. It is a liquid gel concentrate. It honestly smells wonderful!

Mr clean

This a great multi-purpose cleaner! It has 2.5x the power in every drop and you can use it straight onto a sponge from the bottle. You can also dilute into a gallon of water. If you are going to do it this way, the auto-stop cap allows you to squeeze firmly until the flow of the Mr. Clean automatically stops. You can squeeze it twice for heavy soils.

I preferred using it onto the sponge itself. I honestly tried both ways, but the sponge was just much easier for me. Most of my messes that I use it on are ones that I clean with the a sponge anyway, so I was really glad to be able to use it with the sponge.

I used it in the bucket while cleaning the fridge. I DEARLY hate cleaning the fridge. Doesn’t everyone? I used it on the sponge though to clean everything! I cleaned the stove, counter tops, the sink and especially the microwave! I don’t like cleaning any of those places either though. I’m not a cleaner. I much rather be doing ANYTHING else than cleaning. I’m just being honest here. I hate to clean.

I have a really hard time keeping my microwave clean. I don’t know if everyone does or not, but I really do. We use our microwave a lot. It gets to be quite messy at times. Mr. Clean did a super job at cleaning and it didn’t take a ton of cleaner to do the job, MR. Clean has more power! I was really impressed with the job that it did.

What is something that you don’t like to clean? What is something you have a hard time keeping clean? Are you a cleaner? I think you can tell by this post that if I could I would hire out my cleaning duties, but that’s just not an option! Tell me your cleaning problems!

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