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Welcome to a brief media kit of Sonya’s Happenings…

I’m a stay at home wife to Michael. I totally enjoy life as it is. I like being home, being able to run errands as needed and be home with my dogs.

Michael has already retired. He was a union carpenter for SO many years and was able to retire at 55. He works at a local factory now driving a forklift so we have insurance.

Our 3 dogs are awesome! We love them and talk about them often.

I kind of a tech girl. I love gadgets. I’m happy if I’m working on the computer or iPad, even my iPhone.

I’ve developed a taste for wine and champagne, white and extra dry is my favorite. Michael will always stick to his beer.

Michael and I enjoy spending our time playing board games. That is our favorite time spent with each other. Well, besides, playing with the dogs.

We love to try new products and share our experiences of them with our readers. We also host many giveaways. We join in on several group giveaways with fellow bloggers also.

We have 17,598 page views per month with 8,935 sessions and those being 4,449 unique visitors.  My blog has a 28 DA and Moz 4.

I have 11,221 Facebook fans and 40,400 Twitter followers. I have 2080 e-mail subscribers, 22853 Pinterest followers, and 5797 Instagram followers.

I promote my posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I do this daily.

Here are my prices:
For a giveaway- We expect the same product we are giving away, plus $350. That is the only way we can review the item. If we do a giveaway without reviewing an item, the cost will be $400. My giveaways usually last around 7-14 days. These will be done within 2 weeks of receiving the product.

For a review- We expect a full-sized product. That is the only way we can review the item. These will be done within 2 weeks of receiving the product. I require a $250 fee if your item is valued below that.

Sponsored Posts- I can do sponsored posts if they fit within my niche for $250. All links are no-follow.

Guest Posts- I will post guest posts for $100 if they fit within my niche. All links are no-follow.

If you ask to have links changed after these are done and approved by you, a $5 fee will be charged.

Sidebar Ads– $15 Monthly for a 125×125 ad
$25 Monthly for a 250×250 ad


I’m sure I have left something out and all of the prices are subject to change.

My e-mail is, please use Sonya’s Happenings… as the Subject Line and I will notice it first.
I look forward to working with you.

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