Life With A ‘Tween – It’s A Busy One!


I definitely need someone to keep me busy right now. Gracie has stepped up and is doing her job quite well. I’m a creature of habit, but she’s dragging me out of my habits into an entirely different type of life.

She started playing basketball last year. That meant practices and games. She’s added choir this year to go along with basketball. When Don was alive, we kept a strict one activity at a time. We stressed to Gracie she was born to OLD parents and we couldn’t run around like all these young parents do. Well, now that Don’s gone, we need to stay busy. I guess Gracie feels that as much as I do.

Go Greyhounds!

This week though, I’m TIRED. This OLD Momma is feeling all the running around we are doing. We won’t get to come home after school tomorrow, we only have a few minutes before we leave to go to the away game. It’s not just down the road 15 or 20 minutes either, it’s going to take awhile to get there. We won’t be home until late.

I’m not complaining, I just need strength and endurance for the rest of this week. I really just need to make it to next Monday at 3pm. We have the rest of the week off, what a complete blessing that will be.

Life with Gracie is never boring, it’s never still, it’s never quiet. I can’t imagine my life without Gracie and never, ever want to!

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