Kiss Your Cravings GoodBye Review (And A Confession In The Video) #BehaveAid #AD


***Kiss Your Cravings GoodBye sent me their lip gloss to facilitate this review***

It is NO SECRET at all that I struggle with my weight. I lost 100 pounds when Gracie’s Dad passed away. It was a fast weight loss and I didn’t even really try to lose the weight, it was depression. I still would like to lose 40 more pounds but that has been a fight upon fight with my self-control. I was asked to try out Kiss Your Cravings GoodBye and I jumped at the chance. I REALLY want to win my battle with this weight loss.

Kiss your cravings goodbye, weightloss, cravings, fight food cravings

Kiss your cravings goodbye, weightloss, cravings, fight food cravings

First, let me tell you about Kiss Your Cravings GoodBye. It is an all-natural lip gloss that comes in three different flavors, No-Regret Mint (Wintergreen), No-Discourage Mint (Peppermint) and My favorite- No-Sin Cinnamon. It changes the methodology of cravings by adding a physical activity by putting on lip gloss. It did really help my snacking on junk food.

Please don’t judge me by the confession in this video- I honestly didn’t know the weather situation.

You will crave water, not junk food. My junk food cravings were decreased for about two to three hours. It also moistened my lips very well. Although I haven’t used it long enough to lose any weight, I can see how it could help, really. I give Kiss Your Cravings GoodBye An A+.

You can buy Kiss Your Cravings GoodBye at Amazon for $20 or on their website. As with all my favorite companies I will be stalking following them and I encourage you to follow them too. You can follow them on Facebook and instagram.

I still want to lose weight, so you all say a prayer for me 🙂

3 thoughts on “Kiss Your Cravings GoodBye Review (And A Confession In The Video) #BehaveAid #AD

  • Sounds like a gimmick. Just eat smaller portions and cut out red meat.

  • That’s an interesting lip gloss! That would be great if it works and helps you lose weight. Since it makes you want to drink more water, that should help you not want to eat as much too. Plus, more water is good for you anyways. I’m here for you if you need any encouragement or help on your weight loss journey.

    • Thanks Brenda, It’s harder to lose weight as you get older. It was easy on the diet plan that I was on earlier, but I just can’t afford $450 a month. I am SO sore from the exercises I’ve done this week, lol!


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