Just Another Day In The Life Of Gracie… I forgot!


You would think that a ‘tween could remember simple things. You would think a ‘tween could remember FUN things, like popcorn and soda day at school. If you don’t have money for popcorn and soda, you don’t get the popcorn and soda. Guess what Gracie forgot?


We were visiting with the special needs classroom before school started like we always do. Mrs. Lisa asked if anyone else brought their popcorn and soda money. I looked over at Gracie and asked her if it was popcorn and soda day. She said, “oh no, I forgot”! So, here we go outside to get money for a soda and money for the candy machine at high school because Gracie can’t eat popcorn due to her braces.

If we hadn’t gone to special needs, I wouldn’t have known anything about it. Gracie would have been left without any snacks while the other kids munched away. At least I know that Gracie wasn’t the only one who forgot. While I was standing at the candy machine, we mentioned why we were there and the Mom behind us (who works at the school) took off to take her daughter money too. Her daughter is in the same room as Gracie.

Gracie would forget her head if it weren’t attached. I can understand me forgetting, I am getting OLD as Gracie always reminds me. I leave myself notes all the time but poor little Gracie is leaving herself notes now. She has a note on the counter right now that says fold clothes and wash hair tonight. She is such a hoot!

Do your ‘tweens have trouble remembering to do things? Do they have SELECTIVE memory?

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