Insurance Checkup: Money-Saving Tips


Insurance Check-up: Money-Saving Tips
Auto insurance is a fact of life. It’s something you need, and without it, you’re breaking the law in all but one state. Aside from the New Hampshire, auto insurance is required in all 50 states. Just because you have to have it, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your policy an annual check-up. It’s important to review your auto insurance policy each year, and be sure you’ve still got adequate coverage and that you’re getting all the savings you can. Use these money-saving tips to give your auto insurance that annual check-up this year.
Lots can change with your auto insurance over the course of one year. Maybe you added a new vehicle mid-year, or you may have taken one off. It’s possible you weren’t eligible for some discounts offered by your auto insurance company when you first obtained coverage, but you may be eligible now. You’ll never really know what changes have taken place if you don’t do your annual auto insurance check-up. For starters, you should shop around a few months before your current policy is up for renewal to make sure you’re still getting a good rate.
Get some quotes from at least 6 other insurance providers, and compare then to your current costs. Make sure the quote is for the same amount of coverage, though. Getting quotes for different amounts of coverage defeats the purpose.
Ask about discounts your insurance company offers at each renewal year. As previously stated, things change in the course of a year. Have you added any anti-theft equipment to your car? Have you taken any defensive driving classes? Don’t assume you aren’t eligible. Ask and be sure.
It’s also important to make sure you’ve got enough coverage. Maybe you’ve gotten a different job since you initially took out your auto insurance policy. Do you travel a longer distance to work? A shorter distance? Do you use a different car for most of your errands? Contact your insurance company and ask to talk with someone about reviewing what type and the amount of coverage you currently have.
Don’t be like the average Joe who doesn’t give his auto insurance policy a second thought once he’s taken it out. Make it a point to take a close look at your policy on an annual basis to be sure you’ve got everything you need, and at the best prices you can get it at. To learn more about what you should be considering each year, visit and take advantage of the helpful articles there.

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