If you feel my giveaways are too tough, I’m sorry.


too hard

It only takes one entry to win, that’s it. You are not obligated to do any of the entries at all. If you honestly feel like they are too tough, I’m really, terribly sorry.

Some of you that are complaining that they are too tough, have won my giveaways multiple times. MULTIPLE TIMES.

I really DO appreciate all my readers.

16 thoughts on “If you feel my giveaways are too tough, I’m sorry.

  • LOL! Wow…I’ve been entering giveaways for years now and I think they are easier than ever to enter. Back in the day, most blogs required a separate comment for each entry, even daily tweets. I can only imagine the time and work it takes to even host a giveaway (and thank you by the way). Personally, I don’t mind how many entries there are or what type they are. I figure, if I don’t want to enter I don’t have to. I’m just glad there are still giveaways to be entered. It’s a fun hobby of mine; especially in the winter when I’m stuck inside a lot. I also have fun reading blog posts and reviews. 🙂

    • Oh gosh! I remember that too. I remember having to keep up with each comment and enter the # thru randcom dot org. I had forgotten about that. Oh my, they are easier. Thank you for reminding me of that. You are right!

  • I usually won’t enter a giveaway if there are too many or too time-consuming entries. If the prize is really fantastic I might, but not for $25 or under. My list of giveaway pet peeves could go on for a while so here’s my top few when it comes to too many entries:

    1. Daily non-giveaway post comments. I almost always skip this. Too much work, especially when the blog has only a few (or no) recent non-giveaway posts to comment on.
    2. Asking for Amazon review votes in exchange for extra entries. This just doesn’t feel honest to me and now I don’t really trust Amazon reviews anymore.
    3. Asking for you to buy something for an extra entry. (This is usually for ebooks or donations to something).
    4. Asking you to enter a random giveaway that the blogger then gets extra entries for because they referred you. (I always change the URL to exclude their referral code, because come on…it’s just not fair).
    5. Mildly annoying are daily Picket Fence/Top Mommy Blogs/Klout/Svere votes and/or endorsements. Again, seems like cheating. I know for instance TMB specifically asks you not to ask for votes in exchange for giveaway entries.
    6. Asking you to pin or retweet the same picture or message over and over again. (Especially when they want the URL for your retweet…um, it’s the same URL as your original tweet so it doesn’t tell you who retweeted it or help you to verify it in any way. It would be better to ask for you Twitter handle and check to see if that person retweeted it). Seems like spamming Twitter or Pinterest to do this every day.
    7. Facebook sharing is super annoying because I don’t want to inundate my friends with all my giveaways. I mostly skip those. I also usually skip daily Facebook comments as well, but if given a choice I would rather do a FB comment than a blog one.
    8. Asking for Facebook page likes/follows. Definitely not allowed per Facebook rules.

    I have completely stopped entering giveaways from blogs that I find always have ridiculously difficult giveaways. I have even unsubscribed.

    Perfect giveaway for me:
    1. Comment on giveaway post (one time only).
    2. Pinterest/Twitter/other social media accounts follow.
    3. Pin one thing, once.
    4. Tweet daily.
    5. Secret words are ok, but not my favorite.

    I find your giveaways to be just bordering on the “too hard/don’t bother” side. I’m also pretty sure I haven’t won anything from here yet. I would imagine that if you have a handful of people actually complaining to you, then there are probably many more who feel similarly and won’t say anything…they’ll just stop entering your giveaways as I did for a couple other blogs.

    • I’m terribly sorry that you feel that way and you are purely welcome to your opinion and if you stop entering, that’s up to you. I just do those to give options. I’m sorry!

      Not everyone can win either, rafflecopter chooses the winner. I guess I can stop doing the Just Because giveaways to end the complaints. But then I guess the complaining would begin on the other drawings then.


  • I follow your blog everyday and look forward to your great giveaways. I never found your entries to be difficult and sometimes if I am in a hurry I just do a few. Keep up the great giveaways.

    • Thanks Michele,
      I appreciate it. It is so awesome when people say something nice!

  • I only enter what I am comfortable entering. Everyone should do the same. I enter so much that really if I don’t win something soon somewhere, I will give up. I can’t imagine anyone though that has actually won then complaining at all. I would be thrilled to win anything!

    • I can see giving up Tawny. I was heavy into enter drawing for quite some years ago, but then I became a little bit more involved into my own blog. I’m really having more fun with it.

  • I’m so sorry anyone has complained about your giveaways. I love entering giveaways, and appreciate the opportunity given to me by the blogger, to be able to do so. I’m like Elizabeth, I just complete the entries I want to, don’t complete the entries I don’t want to, and then hope I win. I just enjoy the chance.

    • That’s me Brenda, when I enter a giveaway, I just love the chance. I love to enter for snacks- do you know why? I’m a snacker and right now, I’m in a snacky mood.

  • Wow, I’ve never considered your giveaways too tough. I generally like when there are opportunities for multiple daily entries, it makes me feel like I have power to increase my chances of winning. I really don’t like the giveaways that have no dailies. I do get frustrated frequently because I never seem to win things, especially when I have done every single entry possible nearly every day. But that is the luck of the draw.

  • I think it is the multiple daily entries are the issue and not that it is “tough”. Those that come back daily, find it time consuming, probably, to do the dailies and feel it is a lot of work for nothing.

    • I only offer the daily entries so that those who DO visit every day can get an entry for it. You only have to have one entry to win and it REALLY has happened. So, if you don’t want the multiple entries, then you don’t have to come back every day if you don’t want to.

      • I have yet to figure out why people want to fuss about contest that they choose to enter because people are nice enough to run them and sponsor them just because it’s a little too much work for them. Honestly, if I go to enter one and decide it’s more then I wan to do, I either enter the parts I want to or I just don’t do any of it…that simple –but I don’t complain about them to those taking time to run them. Thanks for all you do and don’t let people get to you!!!!

        • Thanks for commenting Elizabeth! That’s what I do when I enter a drawing. Sometimes, I just don’t have time to complete all the entries offered in a giveaway hop that I’m in but I try to complete some of them. I hardly ever (well never) win though, lol! I just don’t have the time to put forth the effort!


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