If I could bring back the cuddling stage…


I’d do it in a heart beat!

I loved the cuddling stage with Gracie. I loved holding her until she fell asleep. I loved her laying right there on my left side, head right against my chest. We would Watch Babe the Pig until she fell flat out asleep. By the way, I can’t stand that movie now. We watched it so many times!

You see, Gracie was a Daddy’s girl all day long until it became dark. Then it was Momma’s turn! I could always count on snuggling at bedtime. I loved it. Things have changed now. Since Don has passed away, she’s a Momma’s girl all the time.

We don’t cuddle all the time now though. I think she feels she’s too big to sit on Momma’s lap. Well, let me tell you that she’s never going to be too big to sit on my lap. Gracie’s always going to be Momma’s baby and can always sit on my lap!

Gracie's Great Smile
Gracie’s As Big As I Am Now- She’ll Be Taller Than Me Soon!

What time would you bring back if you could?

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