Ice Chips Candy Review (As Seen On Shark Tank) A+


Gracie and I were each given the chance to try Ice Chips Candy. Ice Chips Candy was recently featured on Shark Tank. I just think that is awesome. Here my family is trying out a superb product that was featured on nationally televised show. We feel privileged to have received ICE CHIPS® variety pack SHARK TANK special.


We both loved the taste of Ice Chips Candy and to be totally honest, neither one of us could tell that it didn’t have sugar in it. It is naturally sweetened with 100% birchwood xylitol. Some of the benefits of xylitol are that it strengthens teeth, reduces new teeth decay and inhibits growth of dental plaque. There are many more and you really should check out the Ice Candy site to this out. The benefit that impressed me the most and that I NOTICED the most was that it stimulates saliva flow. I take medicine that gives me dry mouth and this candy really helps out! My personal favorite was the cinnamon. Gracie’s was the berry mix.

ice chips

Just remember, Gracie is 14 guys! Gracie REALLY liked this candy. Her friends really liked this candy. Anything she gets from this blog, she shares with her friends or shows her friends. They all were able to try the Ice Candy. I heard not ONE complaint, only YUM-YUM and is there more, lol.

Ice Chips is a hard candy. It melts in your mouth but I found myself wanting to bite it too. It didn’t hurt my teeth at all, it end up being soft on my teeth. This stuff is AWESOME. I just LOVE it. I think you will too! You can order Ice Chips Candy online or find a store locator. I suggest you do one of the two, because if you don’t you are really missing out.

As with all my favorite companies, I will be following Ice Chips Candy on facebook and twitter.

Ice Chips were developed by two grannies determined to succeed. What an American dream. It’s no wonder that they want to be promoted in the Red, White and Blue hop that begins on 6-27-15. Be watching for it!

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