I feel so overwhelmed!


It’s Christmas time and I don’t have anything accomplished. I’ve been thru a lot of different circumstances this past year but this is really no excuse. Gracie still has to have a Christmas. I just feel overwhelmed.

I do have her main gift bought. I need smaller ones and stocking stuffers. I also need nieces and a nephew bought for. I do have one nephew covered already. Last year, I pushed myself to do what needed to be done. This year, I can’t motivate myself to do anything at all. I can’t even do Christmas cards.

I’m not quite sure I will even Christmas cards out this year. Please forgive me if you don’t get one (or if it’s extremely late).

Gracie’s been so sick and so extremely tired. She wants to lay on me all the time, that feeds on my “do nothing attitude.” Don’t get me wrong, I take good care of Gracie, I’m a wonderful Momma Bear, I just can’t get into the Christmas spirit this year. It’s just not in me.

How about you guys? Is anybody else having trouble?

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