How Piano Lessons Can Get Your Kid’s Grades Up and Build a Better Brain


As moms we universally want the best for our kids. But at the same time we go about encouraging our children and motivating them in different ways. Some parents will reward their offspring for good grades while punishing them for getting Ds and Fs. But will taking away your child’s video games and TV privileges really help them get Bs and As? Often, a child gets poor grades because they are having problems focusing or they don’t feel confident and motivated. Rather than forbid them to play Mario Cart or watch their favorite Twilight movie, sign them up for piano lessons.

How Piano Lessons Can Get Your Kids Grades Up and Build a Better Brain (2)

How to start

The first thing you will need to do is find a teacher. Avoid places like Craigslist. You are inviting a stranger into your home with no proof that they are certified or even safe for your child to be with. There are a number of sites online that help parents find the perfect music instructors for their children. For example, TakeLessons teachers have all gone through criminal background checks and have passed rigorous screenings in order be certified as an expert in their instrument field. They are also safe to work with children. You will always want to find a certified teacher from any number of reputable organizations, and not an unknown from a digital “wanted advert”.

Better grades and a better life ahead

There are numerous studies that support the impact music lessons have on a child’s grades and general outlook on life. Children who take piano lessons improve in the following areas:
• Better focus to detail
• Better reading scores
• Improved math scores
• Great self esteem
• Improved physical coordination
• Improved problem-solving skills
By taking piano lessons in which music tuition involves training in increasingly complex rhythmic, tonal and practical skills, children showcase superior cognitive performances across the board. These heightened factors not only make them better students, but happier and more confident growing people.

Better for the brain

Aside from better grades, music lessons help one’s brain to better develop. When kids learn to play a musical instrument, they strengthen a wide range of auditory skills. These benefits extend all through life for those who continue to stay engaged with music.
Music lessons in childhood lead to changes in the brain that persist years after the lessons stop. Researchers at Northwestern University recorded the electrical brainwaves of college students in response to complex sounds. The research revealed that students who reported to having childhood music lessons had more robust responses. Their brains were able to pick out essential components like pitch in the complex sounds when they were tested.

The facts speak for themselves

How Piano Lessons Can Get Your Kid’s Grades Up and Build a Better Brain

All the experts agree that music lessons help stimulate children. Most children show signs of better focus and improved self-esteem. As a result they produce better grades and improve in sports performance. With new research revealing the lasting effects that music has on a child, parents should be even more excited at the prospect of investing in their child by securing piano lessons.
Author Abby Evans is a freelance journalist and proud mother of two. She is currently considering music lessons for her nephew from TakeLessons.

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