How Dirty Is Your Cell Phone?


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You take it with you practically everywhere you go, so it’s no wonder that your cell phone is covered from top to bottom in germs — germs you are not even aware exist until they make you sick. If you have a touchscreen phone to send a text message, or to make a phone call, then the germ factor increases.

Whether you are using Internet access on your phone to learn more about T-mobile smartphones, to make a call or send a text message, even phones with buttons are covered in germs. It makes you look at your cell phone in a new light.

Is Your Cell Phone Making You Sick?

Your cell phone could be so infested with germs, bacteria and viruses that it could literally be making you sick. According to a Hollins Biology professor Renee Goddard that conducted a cell phone study on the streets, selecting and swabbing smartphones and flip phones at random, researchers found 109 different forms of bacteria.

Contaminated by the Superbug

According to a research study conducted by Ondokuz Mayis University, 95 percent of the 200 phones belonging to doctors and nurses that were tested, contained bacteria. Some of the phones were contaminated with the superbug that cannot be killed with antibiotics. This particular form of bacteria could transfer from the doctors and nurses to the patients. The superbug, which is MRSA is the culprit behind the majority of infections that affect hospitals.

Contaminated by E. Coli

A U.K. study had similar results. Ninety-two percent of the phones tested contained bacteria and 16 percent of hands and 16 percent of phones were contaminated with E. coli, which is found in fecal matter. While people said they washed their hands with soap and water, the test results show that people are not washing their hands or not washing them well enough to eliminate transferring these germs from their hands to their phones.

Contaminated by Germs

A similar study took place in Ireland. In this study, 52 nurses and 53 doctors turned over their cell phones for germ inspection. In this study, 96.2 percent of the phones contained germs. Fifteen of the phones, or 14.3 percent, were contaminated with a germ known to cause serious infections.
Ways to Clean Your Phone

Great, now you know that your cell phone is pretty much a contamination zone, there are several proactive measures you can take to clean your smartphone.
Rub It down. The best way to clean your phone is to use a cotton ball and standard rubbing alcohol. Not only is this effective but it is also cost effective because these are items you tend to keep at home. Take the time to clean your phone at least once a week. Standard rubbing alcohol helps to sterilize your phone without harming the electrical parts of the phone. Avoid dousing the phone with alcohol, but add enough to the cotton ball to swab the phone down.
Wand It. If you want a more effective cleaning solution, several manufacturers have put out UV wands. These small electronic devices can safely be waved over the services of your phone. The ultraviolet rays kill various forms of germs, bacteria and viruses. While this item costs more than rubbing alcohol and cotton balls, using the wand is also more effective in killing germs.

Talk Hands-Free. Finally, you should also opt for a hands-free option of talking on your phone. Use the Bluetooth installed in your car or some other hands-free device. This limits the amount you have to handle your phone. In addition, it also keeps the phone at a distance from your face, which is where you can breathe in various germs that can make you sick.

It is quick to see how your cell phone is fully contaminated. You wash your hands. You disinfect your house. You wipe down the basket at the grocery store before you go shopping. Now, you also need to be aware that your phone needs some disinfecting too. With standard supplies you keep around the house, you can quickly and easily remove the germ factor from your cell phone conversations.

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