Hormel Chili No Beans- Super On Chili Cheese Dogs! #HormelChiliNation


I must confess, I am not a great cook. I feel sorry for poor Michael and Gracie at times. Hormel Chili No Beans always makes my supper time so much easier. Gracie loves chili cheese dogs, Michael is learning and they have always been a favorite of mine.

Most of the time, I am in a terrible time crunch. I’m usually in between taking Gracie to school, picking her up, shopping or other errands and taking care of the dogs. To be totally honest here (I might as well get all my confessions out), I’m still working on spring cleaning. Talk about behind! Hormel Chili No Beans really is an awesome time saver. It can be used in so many recipes. I have used it in Frito Chili Pie, cheese dip and our favorite way- the chili cheese dogs.

I just warm the Hormel Chili No Beans up as directed and heat the hot dogs up at the same time. When they are both ready, I just place the hot dog on the bun, put some of the Hormel Chili No Beans on top, and add some shredded cheese. This is just easy-peasy. I can’t even mess this up, honestly. You can ask Gracie, I’m a pro at these!

Arkansas hormel chili
Hormel Chili has shared over 50 regional ways to enjoy their chili on their website and the Hormel Facebook page. If you visit the Hormel website, you can participate in quizzes, watch videos and even print a COUPON. You know how I love to save money! This is super for me.

hormel chilidog

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