Have You Heard Of @Activz Products?


Have you heard of Activz Products? In their own words- “Activz is Whole Food Nutrition. Simplified.”

Activz’s dehydration process seems exceptional. They dry fresh fruits and veggies using gentle wavelengths of natural light. They leave phytonutrient compounds intact locking in the full nutrition, flavor and color of the produce for YEARS!

Their ingredients are free from pesticides and primarily organic produce. Activz is better than freeze dried powders. In studies, freeze dried powders lost 12% vitamin C compared to Activz losing none. There is no artificial ingredients, added colors, flavors or preservatives.

Think about it- if you use Activz powders instead of fresh produce, you can skip all the prep work and you don’t waste any food at all. How great is that!


I tried the Activz Control. It supports your metabolism, aids in digestion and overall system balance. It contains extracts from cinnamon, grape seed, green tea and plant enzymes.

  • Cinnamon supports optimal metabolism, especially of carbohydrates.†
  • Plant enzymes support system balance by promoting the utilization of nutrients from food.†
  • Green tea catechins and grape seed support overall health by neutralizing free radicals.†

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

These all sound like wonderful products. If you are interested in increasing the nutritional value of any meal, Activz is the product to try! Just like with all my favorite products, I like to keep up with all the happenings… at Activz. You can follow them on twitter or like them facebook.

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