Gracie, The Money Grubber!


My little girl is a little money grubber. She can scrounge things to do for money or to sell when most normal people don’t see a way. She’s a born seller. She’s just like her Daddy. I don’t have that ability.

She’ll go through phases of never cleaning her room and it is total CHAOS in there. I don’t have much room to talk, Don did most of the house cleaning in the end. I’m just a terrible housekeeper, so my room is in CHAOS too. When I get tired of looking at the CHAOS, I start encouraging her to clean and clean it well!

When she cleans it up, she wants to sell everything. She loves to make money. That kid will do almost anything for money. She’ll sell books, cd’s, and games. I found a new site called where she could sell these. She also sells purses, jewelry, and clothing. She’ll sell anything.

I really can’t complain about Gracie’s room and it’s messiness. After she finishes cleaning it, she will help me clean the rest of the house. Honestly, I can’t ask her to clean her room if I’m not going to clean up my part can I? She’s a better housekeeper (once she starts in) than I am. Gracie has an ulterior motive. She wants to try to sell my stuff to make more money for herself. The kid already has more money than I do.

Gracie money1

What can she sell out of a living room though? She can sell more CD’s and DVDS. What does the kitchen have? Oh, a kitchen has things like a blender or a waffle iron. Things I might not use everyday, but I do use. She’ll sell them! Gracie sees green, it’s her favorite color besides pink and purple.

Gracie is the most loving, most giving, most wonderful daughter that a Mother could have. Even though we are not the greatest housekeepers, when we do clean, Gracie sells it!

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