Gracie Loved Her Markwin’s #Flashmob Eye Makeup Kit


I’ve often said on here that Gracie is a little fashionista. She honestly is. She LOVES to dress up and she LOVES to make makeup. Markins gave her a chance to try out their awesome line of makeup this week and she fell in love with it.


Gracie was sent Markwin’s #flashmob gotta move eye makeup kit to try out. She loved all the colors. She loves playing with being able to play with different colors. Markwin’s made this very easy with their 3 tiered eye shadow compact. They made it super convenient and they must know how hard it is for ‘tweens and teens to find room in their bathrooms. Really, they HAVE the room, it’s just a mess (in Gracie’s case).

She was very excited to be able to try out the bright eye liner and to be able to add dazzle with the glitter. It’s not something she would normally have me buy. She was honestly in hog heaven. At first she applied the makeup lightly. Later, she went a little bolder. It think by the end, she will be bold and brazen with it!



I appreciated how compact they were once you removed them from the package. I liked that the eye shadow was tiered and that the eye liner would stand up. Like I said, Gracie’s bathroom isn’t the neatest, so we NEED things that work well in messy areas. Please don’t think that I don’t have her clean her bathroom either. She just walked thru here emptying her trash. She’s a good girl, she just is MESSY.

This would be a great gift for any ‘tween or teen. I know that Gracie really loved her kit. Her friends will have a ball with it too when they visit. If you happen to be looking for a present for girl around Gracie’s age (13), check these out!

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