Gracie is a little sneak!


Gracie likes to sneak and dig through my jewelry box. I don’t mind, it’s not likes she goes through all my dresser drawers or anything like that. She’s just a diva and she’s always wanting to know if she can have any of my “extra jewelry”, as she calls it.

Recently she discovered the top drawer of my jewelry box. It doesn’t pull out, it opens up. I have my computer router sitting on top of the jewelry box so that top drawer isn’t as noticeable as the others. She’s never opened it up before. She found some cards that came with flowers that Don had sent me. Some of the flowers had been sent before we were married back in 1993. That’s a long time to hold onto a card isn’t it? I’m bad about keeping things, but I’m especially glad that I kept a lot of these things. Each item I’ve kept brings back so many memories. Each thing she finds brings a special talk between the two of us. Losing Don has been hard on both of us but these little memento’s help us in small ways.

When she found those cards from the flowers, she wanted to know why I received them. I honestly couldn’t remember. All I knew is what Don wrote on the card itself. I wish that I had taken pictures of each bouquet he sent. I also wish I had wrote what was going on when he sent the flowers on the card. That would really help when Gracie would ask all the questions she comes up with.


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