Gracie And I Had A New Year’s Eve Party!


It wasn’t your normal New Year’s Eve party though, we planned out a fun filled day of eating snack food and watching tv. It was a party for 2, the perfect size for us!

We watched Nickelodeon, Disney, and even tv shows on netflix. We rented a movie at Redbox called Doggie B. It was a cute movie. We’re all about animals at our house, you know we do live in a zoo.

We had a meat tray, chips, french onion dip, rotel, and pickles. We didn’t have ANYTHING nutritious at all the whole day. That’s the first time in a long time we have done anything like that! Let me tell you, it was yummy too.

We made a pact to stay awake until midnight to see the New Year in, I couldn’t make it. I started nodding off around 9 or so and was fully asleep by 10:30. Gracie woke me up at 12 and yelled “Happy New Year”. I love her, I couldn’t make it without my “Life With Gracie”.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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