Gracie And Her History With Beds


First, remember that Gracie is only 11. You do have to realize that she is an only child though and is slightly spoiled. I’ll never admit to spoiling her on purpose. The “things” we have bought her have mostly been needed, like her bed, everyone needs a bed.

Gracie started out with a very basic, regular baby bed. She didn’t sleep in it though her first year. I know that I may get some negative comments here concerning our sleeping situation, but I’m prepared. We tried for quite sometime to have Gracie, we were married 8 years before Gracie was born. I was 32 and Don was 35, we were older parents. I was scared to death and was so worried of SIDS. That “back to sleep” situation seemed completely backwards to me, what if she aspirated. So- Gracie and I spent the whole first year in a recliner. She slept in my arms. I know, it’s not best for the baby. I didn’t sleep, I was so worried that she was going to die in her sleep, I couldn’t sleep.

When Gracie made it to her first birthday, I was so proud! I finally started putting her in her baby bed, she didn’t like it at first. There was a lot of crying from me and her. She never really slept that much though, which meant I never slept that much. I just can not sleep if Gracie is not sleeping, even today.

I am VERY cheap frugal. When she started climbing out of her babybed, I had a yard sale and earned enough money to buy a state of the art VW bug car bed. It was snazzy! It even had a moon roof. She was sleeping in style. It was around this time she started sleeping a little more. Which meant I started sleeping a little more.

Well, Gracie takes after Don in so many ways. One of them is her height. She soon grew out of her car bed. We had to find her a new bed. She has 2 cousins that are close in age that would soon start spending the night so I thought a bunk bed might be needed next. With the help of another yard sale, we were able to look at a variety of bunk beds for Gracie. We decided on the prettiest white bunk bed with desk on side.

Gracie Sparks

The bunk bed is long gone, she now has a queen size bed and her room looks like a ‘tween girl’s dream room – at least in Gracie’s mind. It’s pink and purple and she has purple Christmas lights strung. She has pink peace sign bedding. I’m just wondering, what is next?

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