Gardening On A Budget ~ It Can Be Done!


Gardening On A Budget

No matter your living or financial situation – you can always garden. A gardening area isn’t always a yard. It can be a balcony, a window ledge, or a roof. Don’t feel confined by your space. Get creative with it. Choose the right plants for the right place and the right design for your taste. Gardening on a budget can be done.



Gardening On A Budget

Know Your Style

Visit local botanical gardens, and take garden tours in your neighborhood. Walk your dog, or yourself, through your neighborhood and see what your neighbors are doing in their space. Check out magazines in your library or bookstore. Don’t just look at gardening magazines – architectural and interior design magazines can provide inspiration.

A minimalist garden utilizes water features and reflections. Cottage styles tend to ramble and have a layered look, flowerbeds with high plants, like hollyhocks in the background tapering down to petunias for a border. Minimalist-styled gardens don’t appeal to everyone, and neither do whimsical cottage styles.

A vegetable garden doesn’t always mean neat rows. For instance, vegetables can be grown in containers and on trellises as well as on the ground.

It’s difficult to know your style without familiarizing yourself with the possibilities. All of these can be done on any type of budget.

Know Your Medium

Determine your soil’s texture. Is it sandy, clay, or loam? What plants grow best in your soil type? Test your soil. Kits can be purchased from seed stores and garden centers. In the United States, you can send soil samples to your County Extension Office. These tests provide you with the knowledge you need to add the correct amounts of fertilizers and amendments to your soil.

Know Your Zone

It would be a lie to say the only limit to your garden is your imagination. As gardeners, we must compromise with the limitations provided by Mother Nature. Although, we can irrigate our crops and amend our soil it is impossible to manipulate our latitude. Choose plants that are able to withstand the peculiarities of your environment.

Zones, called hardiness zones, growing zones, or climate zones, are determined by the average high and low temperatures in various regions. The higher the zone number the warmer the climate. The lower the number the cooler the climate. For this reason, if you plan on ordering seeds or start from catalogs then know your zone. Finally, hardiness maps are usually found on the back pages of catalogs and can also be found online. Seed envelopes and catalog entries list zone recommendations.

If you do your homework, you won’t go over your gardening budget by ordering items you can’t use.

Know Your Gardening Budget

One way to decrease the expense of garden supplies and plants is to join gardening associations. Many local horticultural clubs hold seed swaps in early spring. Trade some of your carrot seeds for rutabaga without spending a cent.

Talk to your gardening neighbors. See if they would be interested in sharing some of their plants with you. Offer yours in return. Socializing is an excellent way to extend your resources and share knowledge. Plus, you’ll possibly make new friends!

Botanical gardens often hold plant sales in the early spring and late summer. The proceeds earned from these sales benefit their conservancies. You benefit by purchasing low-priced plants suitable for your growing zone. Check your local newspapers and media for information on these events.

Gardening is an affordable, healthy recreational activity. Get outside and enjoy your space!

Budget gardening

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Gardening On A Budget ~ It Can Be Done!Gardening On A Budget ~ It Can Be Done!Gardening On A Budget ~ It Can Be Done!Gardening On A Budget ~ It Can Be Done!

4 thoughts on “Gardening On A Budget ~ It Can Be Done!

  • Thanks for the info. I would like to grow some herbs.

    • I would like to try to grow some herbs too. I haven’t tried yet. Good luck!

  • I love this post thank you for sharing this information. I love to garden but the prices of things has gone up so much. I had no idea that gardening associations or garden clubs offered seed swapping I am so going to look into that.

    • I’m glad I could help. I’m really getting into caring for plants. Maybe I just found the type of plants I can keep alive, lol!


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