Fresh Shores Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review!


I was sent a pint of Fresh Shores Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to review. I’m very thankful that they contacted me to try this out. I was told it was “the smartest cooking oil” that I could use and a great skin care aid.

Well, my feet have been dry, not just dry, REALLY dry. I thought, I will really try this out on these scaly things. I’m telling you the truth, they are much softer than they have been in a long time. The cracks that were on the hills are easing up and going away. Even though they are softer, they aren’t greasy. I thought they might be since I was essentially using a cooking oil on my feet. Just supple feeling feet. I was really impressed.

Fresh Shores Extra Virgin Coconut Oil isn’t just for your feet! You can really cook with it too. Here are some of the wonderful benefits of using coconut oil while cooking.

Promotes your heart health
Promotes weight loss
Support your immune system health
Supports a healthy metabolism
Provides you with an immediate energy source
Helps to keep your skin healthy and youthful looking
Supports the proper functioning of your thyroid gland

With all of these wonderful things going for Fresh Shores Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, how could you pass it by! I highly suggest that you order from Fresh Shores if you are considering buying Coconut Oil. You can buy 1 gallon for only $64.45, 1 quart for only $24.45 and 1 pint for only $17.45.

The pint will last you for a long time, if you are using it as a skin cream, it only takes just a little and your skins feels just as gentle as a babies bottom! My feet are VERY happy.

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