Fortune Girls Are Changing The World- Can You Help?


Fortune Girls was created by Madison Ruiz, when she was as young as 2 years old. This brand is empowering ‘tweens all over the world and they need your help! They have launched a campaign to increase awareness of their brand and it is a great brand- I’ve checked it out!

Fortune Girls

The Fortune Girls are a diverse group of girls that are best friends. They have their own great personalities just as we all do. They are brought to life through through Ruiz’s animations. Check this one out-

With webisodes, Fortune Girls hope to touch on issues such as bullying and self esteem. I feel like both of these are very important to a ‘tweens self confidence. According to Fortune Girls they “want to entertain, make girls giggle and help them to feel good about themselves and deliver this message in a fun and engaging way! Will we ever do TV? It’s a strong maybe with the right deal.”

So, can you help bring this dream alive? Fortune Girls have 30 days to reach their entire goal of $20,000. When you pledge, you can earn different Fortune Girl Goodies. If their goal isn’t reached, your money comes directly back to you but you won’t receive the Fortune Girl Goodies. What’s worse, is their webisodes may never get made.

Don’t let this dream die, if you can help, please pledge at Fortune Girls now.

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